Maintenance tips


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Our machines need to be maintained regularly. We advise you to make one employee responsible for the maintenance. Cleaning and maintaining the products regularly is required to claim warranty. During the maintenance you need to unplug the machine.


Placing refrigeration

When placing refrigeration, the following points need to be taken into account:
  • Never place the machine too close to a heat source or in a hot space.
  • Never place the machine close to open doors or in the draft of a cooling system or ventilation system.
  • Make sure there is plenty of space near the exhaustion grid for optimal ventilation of the cooling parts.

Maintenance refrigeration

Regularly maintaining the product is required to lengthen the durability and keep the technical qualities. Specific information can be found in the manuals.


Cooling machines need to be defrosted regularly. When you notice large amounts of ice on the product you need to defrost the machine. Piles of ice can decrease the cooling abilities because it isolates the cooling elements. Your machine will need maximum power to be able to cool the inside of the machine.


Please follow the next steps after defrosting:

  • Clean the machine with a mix of water and a spoon of soda. Afterwards you let the machine dry. Grease the cooling elements with Glycerine.


Maintenance stainless steel

Our stainless steel products have been made with care. Although stainless steel is a durable material, it still needs regular maintenance and care.



Although this stainless steel product has been made with the greatest of care, we urge you to check the product upon arrival for possible damages. These damages need to be reported to the supplier immediately. Always keep the packaging when the product is damaged.



Stainless steel is easy to clean. Cleaning the product regularly with water and a mild detergent can prevent dirt from attaching to the surface. This dirt can result in stains on the surface. Severe stains from for example coffee or tea can be removed with a liquid detergent. Please don't use a detergent with a grain. Rinse generously with warm water after cleaning and dry the surface.



Just like on other surfaces small cuts can be seen on stainless steel. For regular cutting and slicing we advise to use a cutting board.


Heat resistant

Please use coasters for pans that are taken directly from the heat. This way you can prevent blue brown stains on the surface



Stainless steel is resistant to most chemicals used domestically. But direct contact with strong chemicals such as acids and paint thinner need to be avoided. If the stainless steel surface comes in contact with a strong chemical, rinse the surface with lots of water.